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Despite this, the two gunfighters take a liking to each other, much to Pat's disgust.

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The two men decide to duel it out, with a pleased Pat expecting Billy to lose.

As the pair start to leave, Pat shoots Billy, forcing Doc to shoot the gun out of his hand and kill two of Pat's men.

Doc flees with Billy to the home of Rio and her aunt, Guadalupe (Mimi Aguglia). Instead of killing the unconscious Kid, Rio instead nurses him back to health, a process that takes a month.

Stopping at Rio's, the two men find that Billy has left Rio tied up in sight of water out of revenge.

Suspecting that Billy loves Rio (even if he himself does not realize it) and will return to free her, Pat waits.

It is implied the he also rapes her after ripping off her dress.

The next day, a stranger offers to shoot Pat in the back while Billy distracts the lawman. Billy, suspicious as always, guns him down just before being shot himself.

The arrangement allowed the breasts to be pulled upward and made it possible to move the shoulder straps away from the neck.

The design allowed for a larger amount of bosom to be exposed.

However, as they await the signal (the end of a cuckoo clock signalling eight o'clock), Billy realizes that Doc is a true friend, and moves his hands away from his guns.

Doc tries to provoke him, inflicting minor wounds in one hand and both ears, but the Kid still will not fire. Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.

Hughes added curved structural steel rods that were sewn into the brassiere under each breast cup.