Dating winchester 1894

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Dating winchester 1894

Nice, bright, shiny bores, fluid steel bbls, receiver still has ample amounts of case coloring visible-the rest has aged to the normal grayish look. Very pretty shotgun with some extra figure wood, very fine checkered pistol grip stock.

Item # M2-138 Fine bores choked full and improved modified, 30" barrels retain 95% bright shiny barrel blue, receiver retains 25% case colors with 50-60% original blue remaining on the underside of the receiver. Boxlock with ejectors and double triggers, checkered splinter forearm and straight grip stock are VG. A couple of walnut extensions have been added out 1 1/2" at the top, 3" at the toe.

Mechanical condition is excellent and should make a fine shooter. This is a beautiful Charles Daly and just in time for fall hunting. Receiver is very delicately engraved with no game scenes; just very fine tight scroll work.

Checkered pistol grip stock and forearm are in good overall condition. Monogram plate on bottom of the stock has the initials "AGR". Marked on top of the bbl: 'Charles Daly Krupp Fluid Steel Barrels'. Circasian style walnut measuring 14-1/8" to end of the pad.

Marked on the top of the bbl is "Glasgow." Bbl starts out in an oct configuration and goes down to a rather ornate ring that sections the front half of the bbl which is round.

The top and sides of the receiver still have ample amount of case colors. Typical of the fine Charles Daly shotguns, it has a nice looking piece of European walnut with a nice thin pistol grip which is fine-line checkered and comes down to the classic knob. Forearm also has the same fine-line checkering and is in VG cond but does have a slight chip out of either side where the forearm intersects with the pivot point of the frame. Item # MSG596-26-487 A huge gun of approximately 5 bore. Also a couple of fill spots in the bottom part of the stock.

Overall near excellent with about a 50% Damascus pattern visible. Very unusual to see a cased set of any English shotguns in two different gauges.

Wood shows a fair amount of use with a lot of wear to the checkering. Action has vivid case color in protected areas with the balance having a nice aged grey patina. Small diamond shaped horn inlays at the rear of the side panels. Orig Circassian style walnut stocks are in exc cond with sharp checkering and measure a 14" pull to the end of the red recoil pad. Has the desirable crossed pistols motif under bbl indicating it is a Prussian made. Original wood in VG condition with nice sharp checkering. Item # MSG411 Nitro proofed 30 inch steel bbls, exc bores, choked full and modifled. Decoratively done with intertwining initials below the forearm. This was evidently a special order gun for someone since on the trigger guard in a small oval is the initials "APA". High quality wood that appears to be French Walnut which would make sense since these where made in France. Information that comes with this rifle is out of the Gun Digest 1980. Marked on top of the case is "JPM" which stands for J. It is well executed with some deep relief engraving on the bolsters and some very fine scroll on the sides and bottom. Comes with a thin inner sleeve as well as another overlay case marked J. Gun comes with a letter from Alexandra Mc Cain Morgan. She was married to one of the Morgans and she gives lineage of the family. Overall gun is in fairly good condition with a fair amount of wear to the checkering. Item # MSG885 A Garniture is a group of 3 guns manufactured by the same artist or manufacture.