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As a result Lugi is a very colourful club with a sometimes overwhelming social life.

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In the gift letter of Canute the Holy, dated to , there is a mention of a cathedral built during the 1080s.

The building was constructed in the typical basilica style with half-rounded arches supporting a flat timber ceiling.

The cathedral was constructed out of blocks of sandstone from a quarry near Höör.

The Cathedral School was established in 1085, making it Scandinavia's oldest school.

King Eric I of Denmark went to Rome on a pilgrimage and secured two important concessions from Pope Pascal II: sainthood for his murdered brother, Saint Canute IV and the creation of an archdiocese that included all of Scandinavia. Bishop Asser Thorkilsson became the first archbishop for all of Scandinavia in 1104 and the cathedral was begun sometime after he took office.

The Lugi Lions Rugby Club was founded in 1972 in Lund, Sweden.

We have men's, women's, youth and old boy's teams and can cater to a wide range of skill and experience levels.

Of the present church only the apse has remained unchanged.

Lund became the religious heart of Denmark and over the years many monasteries, nunneries, priories sprang up around the cathedral.

The high altar of the crypt was consecrated in 1123.

The cathedral and the high altar were consecrated to St Lawrence on 1 September 1145 by Archbishop Eskil, Asser's successor.

Lund played a vital role in Denmark's history from the time it was made a bishopric. When the church was rebuilt a lecture wall, new vaults and a new facade to the west were added.

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