Datingpetlover com

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Datingpetlover com - Sex chat online without id

The data shows that there is about 125 females for every 100 males on these animal lover sites.

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These are excellent traits for single men and women who are seeking long term relationships and long lasting love.

In fact, you can search for single pet owners based on the animal(s) they select in profiles.

Or you can search for singles based on specific keywords and shared interests, like: animals, dogs, cats, and just about specific animal keyword you can think of!

These statistics may come as a shock to many people.

In the dating scene, polls and web traffic demographic analysis also show that niche dating sites (for pet lovers and animal lovers) have a much larger number of single women available for dating.

Instead, our site (Lets Hang is a general dating site for everyone, including animal lovers - and it's 100% completely free.

We recommend this because even single men and women who don't own pets can still find your profile.

Participants rated photos of models with and without an animal.

When the models had an animal, they were described as "looking" more relaxed, happy, fun and approachable than they did without a pet.

There are a handful of small, specialized sites out there just for pet owners, dog owners and cat owners only.

We do not recommend these highly specialized sites.

In other words, pet lovers are seen as "marriage material".

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    They learn that they have mutual qualities they share that most others would not possess.

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