Define validating

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Android contains an SQLite database which is frequently used in conjunction with a content provider.

The editor window shows the results of the currently open file.

In this lesson, you built a model class to hold your app’s data.

You also examined the difference between regular initializers and failable initializers.

Each test should check for a specific, basic type of behavior.

If you write unit tests that are long or complicated, it’ll be harder to track down exactly what’s going wrong.

An activity is the visual representation of an Android application.

An Android application can have several activities.

Finally, you added a couple of unit tests to help you find and fix bugs in your code.

In later lessons, you will use model objects in your app’s code to create and manage the list of meals.

When Xcode creates a new Swift file, it imports the Foundation framework by default, letting you work with Foundation data structures in your code.

You’ll also be working with a class from the UIKit framework, so you need to import UIKit.

You can rerun a test method by moving the mouse over the success or failure icon. As you see, unit testing helps catch errors in your code.

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