Drew dating degrassi

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Drew dating degrassi - australiadating net

I don't own Degrassi A/N Clare has broken up with Jake and Eli Alli is dating Dave Drew is with no one Clare Lets Loose Ch.1 Wee Drinkies"Remind me why I'm here again?" Clare asked."Kevin Roberts from the football team." Dave said over the music."Right of course." she said and then thought, "Can I get you ladies something to drink? ""I'll take a wine cooler, thanks babe." Alli said."I'll just take a coke." Clare said close to his ear so he could he her over the music.

We need to keep an eye on her."Adam and Drew nodded and then Drew looked to where Clare had been dancing only to find her missing."Great but where'd she go? Eli and Adam whipped their heads around and sure enough Clare was gone.

Clare was grinding, no not just grinding more like dry humping Fitz and she was smiling. She made her way over to them and pulled Clare from Fitz's grasp. Dance with me over here for a bit, Fitzy needs a break." Bianca said and started moving the girl to a different part of the dance floor.

Fitz was about to hit someone but seeing it was Bianca just smiled. Fitz was about to protest but a warning look from Bianca made him close his mouth.

The girls walked to a back corner and began dancing. Swaying her hips, twisting her waist, shaking her breasts.

As nice as it was to see the usually reserved girl let loose and have fun, Bianca just knew something wasn't right."What have you had to drink?

" Owen questioned the petite girls sanity."I feel amazing, I have no boyfriend, I feel super happy and I have all night to party." Clare said. Adam was in the lead, followed by Eli and Drew when all of a sudden Adam stopped causing Eli to crash into him and Drew to crash into Eli."Dude what the hell? Adam could feel Eli tense behind him."I'll get her." Adam said going down the stairs and up to Owen and Clare. Adam shrugged, put the cup down and took Clare out to the Dance floor. Then Clare ripped off her sweater and tossed it on the floor. "She's only had soda to drink so I have no idea what's going on." He informed them. " Clare squealed with delight throwing her arms around both their necks and kissing each boy on the cheek then she released them and began dancing again.

Owen saw the red cup in her hand and snatched it away. It happened to be a slow song and Clare already had her arms around his neck so he just moved his hands to her hips and they began to sway back and forth."Clare whats with your tonight? I'm just having fun." She said into his ear."With Owen? It was then that Clare noticed the two of them there. Eli grabbed the two other boys by their sleeves so they would turn to him. If she hasn't had any alcohol than something is wrong.Dave grabbed the soda and went back to the girls handing each their drinks.For a few minutes the three of them stood there lightly bopping to the music while the girls sipped at their drinks."You should see the back room." Dave said "it's all dark with a black light.""That's okay I think I'll sit down on the couch for a bit." Clare said. Alli smiled at her friend and Dave led her by the hand to the back of the house.When Miles loses his phone a scandal begins as a reporter digs up his secrets. Post Jake break up Alli Drags Clare to a party, but Clare gets something slipped in her drink and has a bit to much fun. she'd even straightened her hair and let Alli do her makeup."You girls made it." they were greeted by Dave, Alli's boyfriend, as soon as they stepped into the unfamiliar house. "You both look fantastic.""Who's party is this again?He walked up to her, wrapped an arm around her waist and began grinding with her.

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