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It is the second biggest operator in the country with a market share of 29% this quarter.

In addition, I attached some numbers and statistics regarding the uses of mobile technology vs.

In these markets, the average market penetration is around 67%, which is above the average market penetration rate for the region (50%).

And as I noted before in my previous paper that t Saudi Arabia is the second biggest market in the Middle East; it represents about 15% of total connections in the region.

To know the effective media of such and an extremist and conservative society is very important to alter some wrong believes and norms.

Also, I will elaborate on the negative impact of using this technology on the conservative kingdom.

At the end of 2006, Saudi Arabia passed the 20 million connections mark, and the market is expected to grow by almost 20% this year.

EAE Mobily (the second operator company) has been the fastest growing operator with 38% growth of its installed base between Q1 2006 and Q1 2007.Over the past five years total revenue from telecom services has grown by 15% per year, reaching US.1bn in 2005, of which mobile services accounted for US.8bn.I suppose that in many respects, adopting 3G technology would make sense.The country has more than 24 million inhabitants, Mobile TV It is the most talked about and invested in content type over the past two years.As we emerge from the research and test phases, we are beginning to learn what really works, what the consumer want from Mobile TV and realistically how much we can invest to earn a fair return.However, fixed-line penetration remains low by regional standards, at only 16.3%, according to figures provided by CITC, and broadband penetration is particularly poor, at only 1.5%.

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