Excite isnt updating features

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We wouldn’t bother – we didn’t struggle to hear when using any of the other settings for hands-free.

But, realistically, you don’t really want to be switching modes every time you go from Bluetooth to CD playback.If I add that same downloaded album to a playlist, it appears!I’m unsure why therefore if it will display in a playlist, why it doesn’t just show up in My Music under the correct artist or album?!In the VW Touareg, the car automatically selects Speech for hands-free calls and reverts to the previously used mode when the call ends.In the Golf you have to physically switch to this mode for hands free and then turn it off again.Dynaudio has been providing uprated, high-class audio for various Volkswagens since 2002.

The Danish manufacturer even takes pride of place in the ultra-expensive £1.55 million Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Rafale (Bugatti is VW-owned) with its high-end Puccini set-up.

The last sonic option is to customise the bass, midrange and treble levels, using the on-screen sliders.

We found leaving things on the ‘Authentic’ setting provided the most realistic and entertaining sound.

We’d like something that feels a bit more substantial and tactile for the money.

File compatibility for the system doesn’t extend to the likes of WAV, FLAC or Apple Lossless (ALAC), but it can handle MP3, WMA and AAC variants.

For some reason, since updating to the latest update (version 8.2) my Apple Music connection seems to be being strange.

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