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Video calling is using your computer or smartphone to communicate with others, just like placing a traditional phone call, except with video calling you can see the person you’re speaking with, and they can see you!Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading options for video calling. Microsoft purchased this start-up in 2011 and has really brought it to the mainstream.

The powerful application will run on most any type of computer or device, which is not true of all video-calling services.

By Eric Wing— In my work as a technology trainer and consultant, I often find myself on the front line of trends.

In 2013 the number of requests I had for video-call training increased 50% over 2012, and looking at trainings booked early in 2014, this trend is not slowing down. But I think the question should be: What took so long? Parents and grandparents are looking to leverage the power of technology to close physical gaps between them and loved ones.

For best results, stick to computer-to-computer calls, and make sure you have a reliable Internet connection.

Face Time was first made available in 2010 for use on both Apple i Phone and Mac computers.

Whether your laptop has a webcam built in, or you have an external one, you can video chat with your contacts through several services.

Download Windows Live Messenger to make video calls to your contacts. email address and password to open a contact list with your other friends using Yahoo! You can initialize a video chat window from an instant messaging conversation. Messenger is available for free and works on personal computers running Windows or Macs.

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Video calling is easily the best way to close the distance between you and loved ones while we continue to wait for those flying cars.

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It is available for free, and works on laptops and other personal computers running Windows. Skype is a cross-platform software package available for free for Windows, Linux and Macs so a laptop running any operating system works. It does not use any of the free email services available online.

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