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This film (Faye's eighth) convinced the studio chief Darryl F.Zanuck that Faye deserved superior scripts and top-rate productions.

The three leads - Faye, Power and Don Ameche, were teamed again in an ambitious musical scanning three decades and built around the songs of Irving Berlin, Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938).The most dazzling is the final number, Faye's "Polka Dot Polka" which evolves into an hallucinatory kaeidoscope of images.After a guest spot as herself in Four Jills in a Jeep (1943), Faye was persuaded by Zanuck to play a straight role in the Otto Preminger thriller Fallen Angel (1945). Feeling utterly at a loss I left the studio that had been my home for the past decade.After supporting Shirley Temple in Poor Little Rich Girl (1936), Faye was given her best film to date, Sing Baby Sing (1936), in which she introduced another standard, "You Turned The Tables on Me", and appeared for the first time with her future husband Tony Martin.She introduced one of her biggest hits, Mack Gordon and Harry Revel's "Goodnight, My Love" in Stowaway (1936).Zanuck had long planned to make an epic film centred on the great Chicago fire, and hoped to borrow Jean Harlow from MGM to star in it.

When Harlow died, the director Henry King suggested Faye for the role, and Tyrone Power volunteered to test with her to prove to Zanuck that she was up to the part.Faye had taken time off to have her second child, and on her return her voice had acquired a deeper, more warmly mellow tone.Her last major musical role was in The Gang's All Here (1943), the most revived of her films thanks to its direction by Busby Berkeley and some remarkable production sequences.Among the songs she introduced on screen was the 1944 Oscar-winner "You'll Never Know" which became permanently identified with her.Though Faye's image on screen was ultimately one of warm appeal (she frequently played the wronged heroine faithful to the thoughtless hero till the happy fade-out), she started her career as a buxom blonde with a come-hither style.Faye teamed for the first of six times with Don Ameche in You Can't Have Everything (1937) and had one of her best roles as a would-be playwright.

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