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When it all begin Janet realises that Mistress Christy really knows how to make it painful for a woman using whips, paddles, cunt and nipple clamps, rubber breathing bag, hoods, gags and much more.

You can imagine that the two other women and Master will advise her how to do if she has any difficulties with her performance. You are supposed to do whatever she tells you no matter what it is. Bring your dirty knickers with you" Christy shouted in a commanding and harsh tone I didn't dare to refuse and took position in front of the three women sitting in the comfortable chairs. Then I want you to part your arse cheeks so I can take a closer look while you are standing bend over with legs spread widely apart" she commands me still in this harsh tone Before I turned around I saw that she were putting on latex gloves, which she lubricated for easier access to? I had my thoughts concerning why she did it and I were sure I would find out soon.. " Christy asked with a clear look of disgust at her face. " Master answered her "I have educated her in proper hygiene for a month!!If you like the story it might an idea reading Janet's Ordeal which can be found using the link: In the future I will only call him Master as this is what I normally do. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, as all the ladies were staring at me..."But Master," Master ordered me to stand and remove my clothes. You will address me in a proper and submissive tone! " The blush was forming on my cheeks as I began to apologize to Master. One of the women who I would say was between twenty and twenty five had her black hair was curled up behind the head making her look quite strict.storyid=1785 This is a role-play, which presently is taking place meaning I upload new chapters for it when it is finished. I only have one Master, when he let others use me I always supposed to address them with Mistress or Master and then their name. "You will have to be punished for this insubordination, now strip! " With trembling hands I began to unzip my dress and drop it to the floor. She wore a pair of tight fitting black leather pants and a tight fitting T-shirt making her bare nipples clearly visible telling me she wore no bra.Then came the order that Master know I was dreading..."Janet, up on the table, on all fours with your ass out for all the nice young ladies to watch.Will somebody get me a pail of soapy water and a scrub brush? One of the young ladies returned with the bucket and brush.Initial words: This story is a role-play I have written with a woman named Janet.

We had a lot of fun when writing it and thought that it might be interesting for others reading as well.

Synopsis: Master Mick has met three dominating women, who love to be cruel to other women.

He agrees with Mistress Christy that she can make a maximum endurance test on Janet just pushing her further than she has ever been.

This story has a group as well named Friends_of_Janets_Ordeal. I squatted and picked up my dress before standing and giving Master a pleading look. " It continues: Add 1, Mick "Well Christy" Master said addressing the young lady "I'm terrible sorry you have to witness this.

All you need for joining the Group is to write a review for the story Janet's Ordeal. I did promise you a clean and proper subject ready to train on but this certainly isn't what I did promise you" Master said to her "But Master, I can explain, it is because......" I tried "Keep silence, didn't I tell you to remain silence until spoken to? " Master shout Now I am beginning to understand it. It's just that I'm about to have my period and at this time it is always difficult to keep them clean" I answered now really scared as you didn't know what she had in store for me beginning to sweat of fear.

I spread my legs widely and keept my hands at the side with the dirty knickers in the right hand. They just let me remain in this position for a long time while carefully looking at my body and face. " Christy ordered me I showed them the dirty part of my knickers "Pew!!! "You are doing very well" Master said addressing Christy "Thank you it is just a pleasure! She has been put in diaper punishment in order to make her realise that toilet privilege is something she has to deserve.

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