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The festival was jointly presented by the Indian Directorate of Film Festivals and Ministry of Defense, commemorating India's 70th Independence Day. India opens in Delhi during the final minutes of a fictional Hockey World Cup match between Pakistan and India, with Pakistan leading 1–0.When Indian team captain Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) is fouled, he takes a penalty stroke. Soon afterwards, media outlets circulate a photograph of Khan shaking hands with the Pakistani captain.

According to Tripathi, the team has no future since the only long-term role for women is to "cook and clean".Underneath, I came to realize, she was deeply embarrassed over what was a clumsy attempt at an ethnic With my parents and youngster sister known as Rivera, and with various documents bearing one spelling or the other, we were all confused. My high school yearbook carried one spelling for my graduation photo, and the other for my team pictures.Over the years, the name-game has been an absurd humiliation, forcing me into countless and often contradictory explanations.I wondered, out loud, why I should leave the legal profession after I had worked so long and hard to get through law school. “By the way,” he said, shaking on our new relationship, “what’s Gerry short for? His father’s surname was Rivera, his given name was Gerald, and the only concession he made to fashion was to agree to go by the Spanish pronunciation of his given name to satisfy an employer who wanted an identifiably Puerto Rican reporter.In the world of television, that’s practically a refreshing authenticity.He told me how television would help me to help my people, in ways bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. ” “That’s what my Jewish mother wanted to call me.” He laughed politely at the exchange, but his smile seemed forced. After all, he was going to some trouble to hire a Puerto Rican reporter; surely, he wanted to at least get his money’s worth.

He told me not to worry that I did not know the first thing about the television news business; the station would send me to a crash course in broadcast journalism at Columbia University. “I’ll give you three hundred a week to start, and I’ll raise it fifty a year for the next five.” Deal. “If you want something more Latin,” I suggested, “my father and his side of the family call me Geraldo.” “Geraldo? “Geraldo Rivera.” He tested the sound, rolling the Rs and learning what millions were about to, that the G in Spanish is pronounced H. “Let’s go with Geraldo.” While one might find much to criticize about Rivera’s reportorial techniques, his ethnicity is genuine.After immigrating to New York, Cruz married a Jewish woman named Lilly Friedman, touching off the first of the Rivera family’s name changes: My father Allen Cruz Rivera worked for Republic [Aviation].“Allen” was Dad’s nom de mariage, taken to assuage his Jewish in-laws when he married my mother Lilly Friedman.Once I became a public person, it even gave rise to the convoluted tale Yearbook photos from Geraldo’s high school and college (the University of Arizona) document that his name was never Jerry Rivers: his given name was indeed Gerald, and his surname alternated between the family name, Rivera, and his mother’s “continentalized” spelling of it, Riviera: As one would expect, friends and acquaintances took to calling him by the less formal Gerry, while relatives on his father’s side of the family knew him as Geraldo, the Spanish equivalent of Gerald.According to Geraldo himself, the epiphany which led to his opting for one version of his surname over the other occurred in his early 20s, while he was working as an assistant manager in a South Bronx department store: I was at my post at Alexander’s, dispensing cheap cotton-shifts to a throng of bargain-hungry women in the store’s basement, when my Aunt Ana, Dad’s favorite sister, came up to say hello. Skating through the last few years at Maritime [a merchant marine college] and on the West Coast, this was the first I had been confronted by someone who knew the whole story. It tells a fictional story about the Indian women's national field-hockey team, which was inspired by the team's win at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and explores themes such as feminism and sexism, the legacy of the partition of India, racial and religious bigotry, and ethnic and regional prejudice.

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