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If this happens regularly, we will ban your account.

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You can enable browser notifications in order to stay up to date on Skin Silo giveaways and news.

You can also redeem a referral code from one of your friends and you will receive a bonus of 250 Credits to get things started.

The Rewards section is filled with various bonuses we offer to returning and active users.

You can claim a 50 credits bonus for adding an e-mail address and a 50 credits bonus for joining our Steam group.

Additionally, when you refer other people to our service, you can use the Rewards page to claim 10% of their earnings.

Skin Silo is a website that allows you to earn points by filling out surveys and unlocking offers, points you can redeem as CS: GO or PUBG skins instantly.

The offers are provided by third party websites Skin Silo has an agreement with.Use your earned credits to buy CS: GO and PUBG skins from the shop.We offer a high variety of desirables, ranging from cheap and popular skins or case keys, all the way up to high tier items.Once you accumulate enough credits, you can request one or more skins from our shop.Your balance will be adjusted and you will receive a trade offer with the skins you chosen. Afterwards, it will be automatically cancelled and you will be refunded. Second, disable your ad-blocker extension if you use any. On your first login, there is a short verification process that takes place in order to confirm that you are not a bot.Filling out surveys and unlocking the offers generates credits in your on-site wallet.

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