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In short, admixture between two very distinct populations has the concrete result of producing striking genomic correlations.Over time these correlations dissipate due to recombination.

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I plan to use it in the near future, and it is generally best if you understand the underlying mechanisms of a software package if you are at the bleeding end of analytics.

Please remember that these triads should not be taken literally.

The Uygur are not descended from Japanese and Italians.

But that could explain why there is a signature of West Eurasian admixture into this population (though one wonders why the donor was not Baloch or Pathan.).

The Xibo and Tu are Northeast Asian groups, on the border between China proper and the great Eurasian interior.

Subsequent mating between peoples of neighboring regions, resulting in isolation-by-distance (LAO et al., 2008; NOVEMBRE et al., 2008).

This tended to smooth out population structure that existed 4,000 years ago. The authors review five population genetic statistics of phylogenetic and evolutionary genetic import, before moving onto the novel results.There is surely artistic license, but they look rather East Asian to me, as opposed to the hybrid Eurasian appearance modal among modern Uygurs.I won’t touch upon the rather fraught and complex ethnology and ethnogenesis of modern Uygurs, and their relationship to Russian and Chinese ethnographers, but suffice it to say that one needs to be careful about excessive reliance on the literality of historical documents in this area, because of semantic confusions.From what little I know the roiling of Turco-Mongol peoples which reordered the Inner Asian landscape did not really establish itself beyond the Chinese fringe at this time.Recall that Central Asia was the domain of the Iranians from prehistory down to the Islamic age (the full transition of Central Asia from Persianate to Turkic has not completed itself to this date, though it has progressed over the centuries since 1000 A. Is it creditable that the Turkic hordes were shut on the other side of the Pamirs for ~1,000 years? But it should warrant skepticism, and openness to the lower values proffered here.In the basics the tests are seeing if a model fits the data (as opposed to Tree Mix, which finds the best model out of a range to fit the data).