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Parliamentary procedure requires that members address the "chair" as "Mr.

Most Internet users know Google as the leading search engine for information on the world wide web, but the company is also responsible for Android, Google Glasses and various applications that help make the Internet a more user-friendly and fluid space.In the United States, the presiding officer of the lower house of a legislative body, such as the House of Representatives, is frequently titled the Speaker, while the upper house, such as the Senate, is commonly chaired by a President.The word chair can refer to the place from which the holder of the office presides, whether on a chair, at a lectern, or elsewhere.This will help the IWF and NCMEC stay one step ahead.The sexual abuse of children is a global challenge, and success depends on everyone working together – law enforcement, internet companies and charities.We're now showing warnings – from both Google and charities – at the top of our search results for more than 13,000 queries.

These alerts make clear that child sexual abuse is illegal and offer advice on where to get help.

Vladimir Lenin, for example, officially functioned as the head of Soviet Russia not as tsar or as president but in roles such as "Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Russian SFSR".

Note in particular the popular standard method for referring to Mao Zedong: "Chairman Mao" (officially: First Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China).

A vice-chairman or deputy chairman, subordinate to the chairman, is sometimes chosen to assist the chairman An unrelated definition of vice chair and deputy chair describes an executive who is higher ranking or has more seniority than an executive vice president (EVP).

Sometimes, EVPs report to a vice chair, who in turn reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) (so vice chairs in effect constitute an additional layer of management), while other vice chairs have more responsibilities but are otherwise on an equal tier with EVPs.

Executives with the title vice chair and deputy chair are usually not members of the board of directors.

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