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Annex 1 New Paragraph 122 Before States Parties begin to prepare a nomination of a property for inscription on the World Heritage List, they should become familiar with the nomination cycle, described in Paragraph 168.

The maps, untrimmed, should show scale, orientation, projection, datum, property name and date.Multiple maps may be necessary for serial nominations (see table in 1.d).The maps provided should be at the largest available and practical scale to allow the identification of topographic elements such as neighbouring settlements, buildings and routes in order to allow the clear assessment of the impact of any proposed development within, adjacent to, or on the boundary line.Such preparatory work might include collection of available information on the property, thematic studies, scoping studies of the potential for demonstrating Outstanding Universal Value, including integrity or authenticity, or an initial comparative study of the property in its wider global or regional context, including an analysis in the context of the Gap Studies produced by the Advisory Bodies.Such work will help to establish the feasibility of a possible nomination at an early stage and avoid use of resources on nominations that may be unlikely to succeed.The procedure for nominations to be processed on an emergency basis is as follows: a) A State Party presents a nomination with the request for processing on an emergency basis.

The State Party shall have already included, or immediately include, the property on its Tentative List.

These types of International Assistance, described in the summary table set out below, in order of priority are: a) Emergency assistance b) Conservation and Management assistance (incorporating assistance for training and research, technical co-operation and promotion and education) c) Preparatory assistance.

New Paragraph 238 To support its Strategic Objectives, the Committee also allocates International Assistance in conformity with the priorities set out commitment will be required from the State Party to nominate in priority on these lists sites recognized in approved thematic advice, such as the thematic studies prepared by the Advisory Bodies, as corresponding to gaps on the List;, are evaluated by a panel composed of representatives of the World Heritage Centre Regional Desks and the Advisory Bodies, and if possible the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee or one vice-chairperson, meeting Incomplete forms which do not come back duly completed by 30 November will be sent back to the States Parties for submission to a next cycle.

Draft nominations could be submitted either in electronic format or in printed version (only in 1 copy without annexes except for maps).

In both cases they should be accompanied by a cover letter. to confirm the degree to which management systems and legal frameworks need to be in place before inscription, b) Review paragraph 150 to ensure that the World Heritage Committee and States Parties concerned are informed of the process and status of factual errors letters including their upload on the web-page of the World Heritage Centre, c) Elaborate further proposals on options concerning deferral and referral, as well as on the process and timelines for emergency nominations presented under paragraphs 161-162, and to submit the findings and recommendations for examination at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee, d) Make proposals on the methodology for revisions to the , that the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies continue their reflections on clarifying the links between the different documents and their scope that have been elaborated for the implementation of the .

Maps shall be sufficiently detailed (see Explanatory Note of section 1.e in Annex 5) to determine precisely which area of land and/or water is nominated.