How to talk to parents about dating

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How to talk to parents about dating - no sign up dating

If you’re a boss with a career and a life of your own, feeling like your mother still sees you as a child can be frustrating.The transition that happens as you begin #adulting and “growing up” can affect your relationship with your mom, often leading to petty arguments, tension and confusion.

Taking responsibility for your role will give you more power. Mothers mostly relate to their daughters as children because they act like children when around their mothers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to courtship or dating, people tend to hit the extremes. It’s hard for either of us to imagine marrying if our parents had been against it. Sometimes, too, they may not always have objections, but they are seeing some things you may need to work on or work through. Honor their requests, if they are concerned about your plans for an event.

On one side, we hear of folks pretending it’s none of their parents’ business whom they pursue. Show them respect – after all, they raised her, so they must have done something right. Although it’s not required that we can see in Scripture, we think it’s a good idea for a young man to talk to a girl’s dad when he gets to the point of seriously considering her for marriage and wanting to win her heart.

We’ve said some critical things about the way the courtship model is sometimes carried out, but one really good thing that has come out of it is the recognition that courtship and marriage involves more than two people, it involves two families.

We’re always amused when we hear someone say, “I’m marrying her, not her family,” because in our experience, it’s just not true.

I’d like to get to know your parents better, too.” Is one of these inherently more godly than the other?

It would be hard to prove so from Scripture, and really Scripture is what matters.

When you follow that and honor your parents, we think the blessings will extend past the wedding.

You’re not a baby anymore, but you’ll always be “Mommy’s Little Girl” — sound familiar?

On the other, we see dads who won’t even let their daughters know that a young man is interested unless the father has decided that he’s the one, even if he meets every qualification possible. We think honoring your parents in the process leading to marriage is a good thing. In fact, some of the guys we know went to the father sooner, just to let him know they weren’t playing around with her, but wanted to get to know her better as a friend to see if they were a possibility for one another. Because Daddies love their girls and want them to be safe.

If you keep everything out in the open and above board with her dad, you will make him feel better about the situation and make it more likely to gain his wholehearted approval for marriage, if the time comes. Here’s a conversation a single man in our acquaintance recently had: “So, son, why did you want to talk to me? Dan’s heart was beating out of his chest, but he took a deep breath and answered, “Well, sir, you know that Ashley and I have been friends for a long time.

He was pleased to see a young man caring for his daughter in an honorable way. They got to know one another as brothers in Christ, and Dan left walking on air, knowing her dad was not grudgingly agreeable, but happy for them to be seeing each other. Some will choose the more formal way of dealing with it like Dan, others may be more casual, like this: “Ashley, what do your parents think about us moving into a relationship?