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Many Jews left the country, heading for France and then Bavaria (Germany), where they mingled with the Ashkenazi Jewish populations already living there.

They may have gone up through Italy first or directly to Spain…we can’t know as yet.

Given how many of us have similar eye color, Sepharda may well have had green/blue eyes.

This trait would have been recessive in her daughter descendants, dominated by their brown-eyed mates.…

An interesting picture was revealed (see Additional Files 6, 7 and 8, Figure 4): the ethnic population with the highest similarity to the Laos sample in terms of shared haplotypes, MPD, pairwise FST values and localization in the MDS plot were the Austro-Asiatic [3].

pregnancy – G1P0 2)woman had twins and pregnant now (24wks) – G2P2 3)a woman has had 4 miscarriages and is pregnant again with only one live baby, she is at 26 wks of gestation now – G6P1 4 4)a lady in her 6 Naegele’s rule : add 7 days to LMP, substract 3 months from the month. 1) Day of visit : 20/10/09 LMP : 26/01/09 EDD (LMP 7days 9months) : 03/11/09 POA : 40 wk – (11d 3d) = 40 wk-2wk (by EDD) = 1) DOV : 20/03/10 LMP : 03/07/09 2) DOV : 01/08/09 LMP : 23/01/09 3) DOV : 14/07/09 LMP : 27/03/09 2.

The Laos sample showed mt DNA diversity characteristic of Southeast Asian populations.

The composition of haplogroups was in agreement with other populations from this region [3- 7,12,17,23-25,35], with haplogroups B4a, B5a, M7b1, F1a and R9 being the most frequent southern aboriginal lineages. unexpected probably because the assumptions of the authors about the recent demographic history of the region (full of mass migrations towards the mountaintops – what?!

– ‘Fetal kick chart’ 6) Anaemia 7) s/s of URTI / UTI ? She had delivered 5 children between 1992 till 1997 which were all uneventful spontaneous vaginal delivery with babies weight ranging between 2.8 to 3.5 kg. v was performed and there was no complication following the procedure.

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For fun I’m going to call her Sepharda Fulanivich—a name that hints at our group’s main strains.

Sepharda had no special mutation that would create a new haplogroup, but she was unique in the way we are all unique…and special because all our maternal lines would lead back to her.

Her people were destined to be the only species of hominids that would survive, but right now they’re not the only “people” by far…Neanderthals and Homo Erectus still dominate most of the planet.

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