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Her father told her that most men are unfaithful, so he taught her how to play the game so that she wouldn't get played.She believes 85% of men cheat, which makes it difficult for her to dive in head first on her quest for love, but her strong faith in God gives her faith that she will meet the right guy. Micah Lindsey has worked for Diann Valentine for the past seven years collaborating in the love and relationship space.

Micah has learned how to skillfully merge all three into tasteful collaborations producing stunning visual works of art.

In 2011, she opened the Neelys' Barbecue Parlor, which brought her Southern style and flavor to New York City.

2013 added yet another accomplishment with the launch of a branded line of cookware on QVC.

As a public speaker, Gina has entertained audiences globally, not only showcasing her cooking skills, but also sharing her perspectives on life, love, the personal and professional issues facing women.

Close Hopelessly in love with being in love, Shay Atkins, 38, tends to fall too fast and settle for men that are not worthy of her.

It was a natural evolution in her career, given her unique insight into Italy from years of travel, and her experience with women in love—and with women who often make bad decisions when it comes to love.

Diann has been in the relationship business for a long time but is more than just a matchmaker.

She is a lupus survivor, award-winning published author, and CEO who helps mothers and women with chronic illnesses secure financial freedom by opening Lanique Virtual Solutions, a boutique call center that allows women to work from home answering customer service calls for top companies across the nation.

Close Ashley Russell, 32, from Covington, Louisiana, is a small-town girl who thought she had the perfect life with her pro-footballer fiancé and cute kids, but infidelity shattered her dreams.

She earned a BS degree in management/marketing from Robert Morris University, and in 2010, after a very impressive win at Black Enterprise’s Elevator Pitch Competition, she launched her own business, My Creative Cuisine, a mobile and catering service.

She is currently the Executive Chef and owner of Celebrity Chef Shay, Inc.

At The Venus Affect, he works diligently by Diann’s side to help deserving women rewrite their love stories.