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Judging-types tend to be very future-oriented, while perceiving-types tend to focus more on what is happening now and don’t naturally consider the future as much as J types. I’m an external processer, see the big picture behind everything, value logic over emotion, and tend to focus on the future rather than the now. I want to point out that I think Jesus was completely neutral when it comes to these types.

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I think “how does this apply to every other figment of scripture that I’ve ever studied?“S”-types tend to be detail-oriented, and focus on already proved methods for pretty much everything.They are less likely to take a risk on something new when it’s always been done another way.They tend to be more big-picture, focus on the principle of the matter rather than the individual parts that make up a story, experience, object, anything like that.Ss tend to like to do things with their hands, and Ns tend to be able to pick up on things after being shown or having it explained, and don’t necessarily have to be as “hands-on” with learning. When you’re making a decision, do you look at it logically, or do you focus more on how it will impact the people around you?” I love finding connections, big pictures, larger principles, and the like, and I find that often Bible studies don’t minister to me because that’s really suppressed.

I’m in a Bible study right now where we have a passage, and intensely study that passage for an hour and a half or so, and only focusing on that passage.

In the church, people will do anything to avoid conflict, but I see conflict as a tool to getting to where God wants the church to be–wholly honouring to Him. ” I don’t take anything at face value, and that’s not a bad thing!

I’ve approached pastors and elders and the like about extremely important issues and seen nothing happen for a long time because the church just isn’t allowed to offend anyone. On the same topic, I see a better way to do absolutely everything, and it’s absolutely infuriating. In fact, nowhere in the Bible does it say to believe blindly whatever those around you are saying–it’s quite the opposite!

I wish I could just be happy with things the way they are, but God really gave me a creative brain and no matter what it is, I can think of 5 things to do to improve it. The Bible constantly says that we are to challenge and question, but whenever you challenge or question someone in authority in the church I tend to find myself frustrated because I’m told that I’ve stepped out of place.

A problem I’ve often found because of my N tendencies, as well, is that I get really frustrated in Bible studies.

My favourite type of test that I’ve found is called the Myers-Briggs test.

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