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They get married and soon Maggie learns that Sandra is pregnant.However Pete is missing and the search party does not find him.

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'I'm hoping once he gets a proper meal into him we will be able to have a proper conversation.'An officer at the Puzhal Central Prison in Chennai said: 'All the 23 foreign persons who were jailed in connection with the weapons case have been released.'All the 23 persons were handed over to the officials of their respective embassies, who had come to the jail to receive them.'Justice Basheer Ahamed directed the men were released, their passports returned and be reimbursed for the 1000 rupees (£10) court fine.

The other five men - Nick Dunn, John Armstrong, Nicholas Simpson, Ray Tindall and Paul Towers - are expected to arrive in the UK on Thursday.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said earlier: 'It is wonderful news that the men are returning to the UK.'The Foreign Office has worked unstintingly on this case, lobbying on the men's behalf, visiting them in prison, updating their families and maintaining close contact with their legal team.

Maggie tells that her uncle has offered a position of pilot to work for the government.

Pete returns to New York and tells Sandra that they need to marry again on the next week.

The other 17 foreign men, who were also arrested in October 2013 accused of importing guns to terrorists, were freed an hour later.

On November 27, the High Court acquitted the crew from the MV Seaman Guard Ohio ship after a judge ruled the prosecution did not prove their case.Billy Irving, of Connel, Argyll and Bute, was greeted by two bagpipers and his family after touching down at Glasgow Airport to be home for Christmas.He and five other British men had been guards on a ship to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean but were jailed in October 2013 after being charged with carrying unlicensed firearms and ammunition.The conclusion is dull, with Pete giving up of his son. A former British soldier said it 'feels excellent to be home' as the first of the Chennai Six arrived back in the UK today, more than four years after they were jailed in India on weapons charges.Yvonne Mc Hugh, partner of Mr Irving, said last month: 'Billy called straight away, he couldn't quite believe it had happened.

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    This isn't the first time I floated to another unit. No beds in hospice and dying cancer patient needs pain control? Send him straight to medical.75 year old confused incontinant man whose family have abandoned him in A&E because he hits and wanders away and spreads faeces everywhere and falls?

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    You can also contact The National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255.— Skyler Thomas (@Sky_Dolla_Sign) January 17, 2018 PLEASE READ!!