Jerry finger dating

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Jerry finger dating

Elaine pretends to be a gay man’s girlfriend in order to appease his boss, who is homophobic.

After hearing hip-hop music blaring from his apartment and noticing his collection of African masks, Elaine is confident of his blackness."I don't play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, Don't go near colleges. “The show has never been terribly concerned with political correctness.They're so PC." He has dismissed critics who point to the show’s lack of diversity, replying, “People think it’s the census or something, it’s gotta represent the actual pie chart of America. Its depictions of minorities, from Babu the Pakistani who was eventually deported because of Jerry’s carelessness to the Greek diner owner with an apparent yen for amply endowed waitresses, can be patronizing.His defense is that it was in his “field of vision.” The entire gang orchestrates a scenario for Elaine to show cleavage in front of his boss in order to demonstrate that when cleavage is visible, straight men are rendered powerless and cannot help but stare, justifying George’s ogling of a 15-year-old.This episode stresses white middle-class discomfort over dealing with race.” to which he replies, “It’s not racist if I After George’s black boss is offended when he tells him he looks like Sugar Ray Leonard, George goes out of his way to prove he is not racist by trying to find a black man to pretend to be his friend.

He stops random black people on the street and asks them to play his friend, finally getting an exterminator to come with him to dinner to meet his boss.

She even calls the black waitress “sister” and says, “It’s okay, my boyfriend is black,” at which point he arrives and tells her he is in fact white and assumed she was Hispanic because her last name is Benes.

She says she is not, and they conclude, “So we’re just a couple of white people?

If only Facebook had been invented, Jerry wouldn’t have had to physically stalk a random woman he wanted to sleep with.

In this rare episode that features a person of color, the gang ruins yet another innocent bystander’s life.

After finding out where the mystery woman works, Jerry shows up at her office to “stake her out” and pretend to accidentally run into her using the ruse that George works in the building as an architect.