Ken page founder of the dating workshop deeper dating

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Ken page founder of the dating workshop deeper dating - dating a recently divorced dad

All virtual classroom calls are recorded and available for download, should you have to miss any of your calls.

Work directly with this world-renowned master of healing and transformation, and learn her most effective and potent leading-edge coaching tools and techniques that can fast-track even the most difficult clients to radically transform their lives, and relieve them of suffering in deep and lasting ways.After that, you will be joining Katherine virtually for 22 training classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am–12 pm Pacific Standard Time, where you will dive into the depths of guiding people to the other side of heartache using the 5-Step Process.During these virtual classroom sessions, you will have ample time to ask Katherine your questions as they arise, and get feedback on any client situations that may arise in your practicum as you lead clients through the Conscious Uncoupling process under her close supervision.David is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on grief, having co-authored two bestselling books with the legendary Elizabeth Kulber-Ross.David has also written several other bestselling books including You Can Heal Your Heart which he co-authored with Louise Hay.Unlike many coaching certifications, the Conscious Uncoupling Certification does not require you to pay a yearly licensing fee to keep your certification, nor will you ever be required to pay additional fees to use the brand.

This one-time training and certificate process is the only fee you will ever pay to be trained and licensed to teach and facilitate the Conscious Uncoupling 5-Step Process.

Guest Faculty of the coach training are experts in a variety of areas–bestselling authors, trail blazers, cultural creatives, therapists and coaches who are leading the conversation in their respective fields. Learn from a master how to facilitate this life-altering and highly healing process.

When the session is over, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear Katherine speak about the session.

When you join us live, you’re also invited to stay at the venue for an optional 2 day rejuvenation “getting to know you” retreat with Katherine and her coaches after the event and at no additional charge.

The completion of your training will take place over the course of a 6-month time frame starting after the event in Los Angeles.

You will learn to hold the space and possibility for a peaceful and generosity-filled ending for others, regardless of current circumstances or past woundings.