Laws about students and teachers dating

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Laws about students and teachers dating - Bisexual dating services

Both couples managed to stay married close to ten years and in both cases it was the female who left. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

There is consensus that zero-tolerance for sexual relationships between students and teachers is a best practice for sexual harassment law and policies in educational settings.

Maybe in an ideal world it's only up to the two people involved, but the reality is that a teacher dating a high school student is a good way to destroy a fledgling career. Especially when you can just wait a few months until the student is out of school and the level of stigma goes down?

If it's such a great love it can last a short time, and if it's not, then is it really worth the risk?

Education International, an organization of teachers unions from around the world, has encouraged its affiliates “to condemn such breaches of ethical standards clearly and publicly,” noting that zero-tolerance of these relationships is the only workable policy solution.

See: Education Int’l, Combating Sexual Harassment in Schools, 2005.

I don't think it's prudish to point out the obvious, which is that most people will look at this situation and consider the teacher to be, at the very least, lacking good judgement and common sense.

If the teacher follows through with the relationship and it is discovered, he/she will lose their job. Wait until after the HS student has graduated, if you want to spare the two of you a lot of grief.

And if the belief that social inequality is an ill-chosen foundation for romantic liaisons equals prudery, than I'll happily consider myself a prude-- though more correctly sejant rather than rampant.

First, let me state that I agree the teacher/student dating situation is somewhat unprofessional and could be a dangerous career move should the relationship go sour.

Greg W, I can understand why a high school senior wouldn't restrict their dating options, but I think that what people are saying here is that, like it or not, society IS going to think there's something inappropriate about an adult dating a student who hasn't yet graduated high school.

The teacher here is the older one, and is the one people are going to be judging; not the high school student.

The other teacher was actually the girls basketball coach and he married one of his players less than six months after her graduation. And since she or he is a senior about to graduate then it shouldnt be a problem.. People will say its bad because the words "High school student" are in it and it makes it seem like they are a child..