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From what we’ve been able to gather from internet stereotypes, most people in Minnesota are very friendly to your face, but like to keep their distance.For instance, even though people at the office have been going to the Prince concert year after year, it will be years before you’ve officially invited.

So, people in the land of a Million Lakes stay together, but if they do separate, seem to be ‘over’ marriages, making it even harder to find love here. I mean look at Arkansas: 35% of the people there re-marry at least once. % married: Lowest % with kids: 5th lowest Places to meet: Highest So, Minneapolis makes sense, but not just because it’s a big city. % married: 2nd lowest % with kids: 2nd lowest Places to meet: 4th most This makes sense because Mankato is a college town in the middle of nowhere, about an hour west of Rochester.

It’s almost like people in Minnesota will happily give you directions to anywhere you want to go, except to their own house.

Does this ‘Minnesota nice,’ way of treating others (especially newcomers) make it tough to meet new people? However, you have the best chance of all in these 10 cities: * We included coffee shops, bars, restaurants and churches per capita.

Here’s what’s interesting about Minnesota, relationship wise: Minnesota leads the nation in number of people married/least divorced.

Meaning, lots of people are hitched, and they stay together more than in any other state. These cities are where you’ll have the most luck finding someone to share that mooseburger with. In all seriousness, we measured the ‘number of things to do’ on a per capita basis, meaning we didn’t just count a sheer number of places to meet people.

760) { ad Html = ' The marriage gap The marriage rate tells us a lot about ourselves, said Mark Mather, a demographer with the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D. At the younger end of the age spectrum, it reflects a more highly educated group of young women who are delaying marriage; it also reveals a class divide.

“The aging of the population is playing a role,” Mather said, “but it’s really what’s happening at both ends of the age spectrum.

Kate Redpath, who has lived in Mendota Heights since 2009, has noticed “all the children on my block leaving the nest, I guess,” as a sign of time moving on.

But she also speaks cheerfully after a yoga class of “my man, my 20-year partner,” with no trip to the altar involved.

Only 18% of Winonans are sitting at home on a Friday night, watching cartoons and mopping up snow puddles.

That means you’ve got a really good shot at finding someone to take to the ice fishing derby this weekend.

If you DO have a third eye, you can always cross the Red River into Fargo. % married: 23rd lowest % with kids: 8th lowest Places to meet: 10th highest There are lots of women between 35 and 55 here in Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb.