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In multivariate analysis, statin therapy alone was significantly associated with a lower risk of decompensation, they reported (HR 0.44, 95% CI 0.27 to 0.71).In addition, analyses showed an overall longer time to decompensation in patients on statins, they found (=0.043).

Director Campbell X (Stud Life) and the crew have worked hard to give it a look that belies its micro-budget origins – not least that while a lot of web series tend to be pretty static, in order to save on the number of locations and set-ups, Different For Girls gets out and about to give it a more expansive, televisual feel.Overall Verdict: A fun, if a little dramatically convoluted, look at the lives of a group of lesbian living in London.Although the plot occasionally takes things a little too far, with a good cast and a great look, it’s certainly worth a watch.The researchers also saw a longer time to death in patients with Child-Pugh A disease who used statins (=0.005).Kumar said the beneficial effects on liver outcomes may be due to statins' ability to diminish portal pressure, which is associated with complications including jaundice and vomiting blood due to enlarged veins in the upper GI tract.There’s Gemma, who’s dating Jude, but who’s also getting married to a guy – to satisfy her parents and his acting career.

Jude though hasn’t really cut ties with her ex, Nicola, which isn’t making things easier with Gemma.Brooke may not know that, but she does know her partner is neglecting her home life.Then there Fran and Cam – and where do we start with them? Perhaps not too surprisingly, Fran isn’t too impressed with this development.The new web series Different For Girls received its World Premiere at the BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival last night, before going online worldwide from March 18th.It’s an attempt to fill the void left by the lack of lesbian TV programming, with a show that looks like it could/should have been on a traditional television channel, but made – by necessity – on a much smaller budget.Nicola is supposed to have moved on and has a wife, Brooke, and kids.

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