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Since then, news videos have often been used to level criticism and even charges of excessive force against officers.Video systems became widely available to capture real-time policing in the 1980s to document drunk driving.

TASER is not unique in its vision of body-worn video for officers.And anyone with an Internet connection can post video on You Tube and Facebook.So it's not unusual to see headlines that read, "Police Deny Using Excessive Force," the day after an incident when the local TV news is showing a citizen's video of a violent police arrest.Tuttle says this was a "gee whiz" moment for the company. Videos clearly showed the events leading up to the deployment, but they showed pavement when the TASER was lowered post deployment.TASER's first solution was the TASER Cam — a small video camera that attached to the TASER X26. TASER introduced its first Axon on-body system in 2009.A generally accepted practice is to burn the digital evidence onto a CD or DVD and impound it in the property room.

There, it is cataloged, tracked, and made available for court.

Vid Mic was first to market with a body-worn system specifically designed for officers in the early 2000s, followed by Vievu.

Panasonic, Digital Ally and others have entered the market since Axon's introduction.

When considering body-worn video systems, departments need to look beyond the hardware.

Video files need to be stored, tracked, and managed to meet retention policies.

Cloud storage offers highly secure storage at a cost that could be prohibitive for budget-strapped agencies.

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