Medieval courtship dating

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Over one hundred years ago, the noted Old Testament scholar Franz Delitzsch remarked, "The Song is the most obscure book of the Old Testament.Whatever principle of interpretation one may adopt, there always remains a number of inexplicable passages, and just such as, if we understood them, would help to solve the mystery.

This particular method, which held sway up through the nineteenth century, is now losing its following.Such a literal approach does not mean that there are not many practical applications, but only that such applications be based upon an accurate interpretation, lest one suffers the consequences inherent in misapplication of the Word of Truth.In addition to the brief explanatory comments, the notes include the devotional and applicational comments from Today in the Word's month long series on the Song of Solomon (June, 2004).(E.g., a person in love exercises his will in choosing whom to love.) It is just that the emotion aspect is prominent in te story.But the Song of Solomon is more that a human love story.The Song of Solomon is a book about the emotions of man -- in particular the emotion of love.

It is a recognized fact that man's total experience is directed by these three responses: intellect, emotions and will.These commentary notes are not intended to be in depth or as exhaustive as most of the verse by verse notes on this website (see available verse by verse commentaries).The intent instead is to give an overview because there are probably more unusual interpretations of the Song of Solomon than for any other book in the Bible, and it would be easy for a sincere student of the Word to totally avoid this book out of frustration, as so often occurs when studying the book of the Revelation (the veritable plethora of prophetic commentaries overwhelming many to exclaim "No one can understand the Revelation!(2) Others rightly understand the book to be an historical record of the romance of Solomon with a Shulammite woman.The "snapshots" in the book portray the joys of love in courtship and marriage and counteract both the extremes of asceticism and of lust.It is a picture of the love between the Lord God and His people. 1978) Song of Solomon is one of the most controversial and difficult books in the Bible to interpret, with a wide range of approaches summarized in the following synopsis (very brief - see introduction in the commentary by Keil and Delitzsch for elaboration although they interpret the Song as a play or drama, not as a literal discourse.

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