Memory consolidation or updating consolidation

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This result suggests that short-term memory forms by 1-h training and thereafter disappears in 1 d.

Thus, we considered three types of plasticity contributing to the dynamics of PF–PC synapses: spontaneous PF-LTP, spontaneous PF-LTD, and training-induced PF-LTD.The posttraining memory consolidation is also observed in cerebellar motor learning.To investigate the mechanism, we formulated a simple theoretical model of the cerebellum with a minimal number of elements and learning-related changes in synaptic efficacy at multiple locations.Throughout the present study, we use the following parameter set: (weights of PF–PC and MF–VN synapses). Each day, a 1-h training increased the gain quickly by about 0.12.After the training, the gain gradually decreased and reached a steady state within 23 h.We reproduced such memory formation under various learning conditions.

Third, long-term memory formation occurred after training but not during training, indicating that the memory consolidation occurred during posttraining periods.Although several theoretical models have addressed the question of how multiple plasticity mechanisms work together in cerebellar motor learning (11–14), none has explicitly taken the memory consolidation process during posttraining periods into consideration.Our model reproduced previously reported oculomotor behavioral data obtained from wild-type mice (8–10).With this model, we conducted a simulation study of the gain adaptation of optokinetic response (OKR) eye movement.Our model reproduced several important aspects of previously reported experimental results in wild-type and cerebellum-related gene-manipulated mice.These results indicate that PF–PC synapses store short-term memory that is formed through 1-h training and decays within 1 d, whereas MF–VN synapses store long-term memory that is acquired by repeated training and maintained for days.