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The way in which a sports organization pays attention to their fans does not have to be complicated or time-consuming.It can be as short and simple as a tweet or a short message on the person’s Facebook wall.

Here’s a cool post by Séan Walsh (@walshybhoy) covering ‘The social media tactics every club must have’ All people love appreciation, it’s no different for sports fans in social media.Peer pressure can curb unruly behavior before it begins to escalate.In stadiums sports organisations aim to strengthen this process, for instance with the placement of mirrors, video cameras & public screens.Offline or online the best way to do that is to encourage a fans self-awareness.It may be the fans themselves who can best prevent such incidents.This national geographic article by Brian Handwerk quotes professor Rick Grieve from Western Kentucky University; “Group identities can become especially intense in the crucible of a big sporting event when your entire group is charged with the same high levels of adrenaline.

When tens of thousands of people are chanting ‘We’re number one,’ wearing team apparel, our group identity is strong and we want to fit in.Fans do not only connect to sports through stars and places but also through the communication and social currency it generates.Sports events are social gatherings where the supplementary events and experiences are often more important than the actual game.Some fans get slightly over-excited after a dunk, feel devastated after a loss, have mild anger control issues or are simply pleasantly insane by nature (that last link is from Those Lil Rabbits but its still hilarious).As Mike Perry describes in this post the most passionate fans tend to identify themselves as an integral part of the team they are supporting, with some of them – clearly – feeling less responsible for their individual behaviour.Fans ‘like’ their favorte teams and athletes by the millions.

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