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chip foose is one of the designers of this special shelby gt500.

my favrit car ever.i have shelby mustang, i got this car just recently, here's my story: i originally got the mustang itself from a chop shop.after the bodykit was placed on there and the engine was tweeked and modified a little bit, it was ready to go.i still do constant work on it and i work on it so much i barely get time to drive it, in fact, when im not on here on imcdb, im most likely working on the shelby mustang, this all just happened recently.And from there on me and my cousion been working on it, we started with the paintjob, then we looked all over the place for shelby mustang door's and hoods, but could not find any, but my step grandpa was nice enough to order me all the parts i needed to turn it into a nice car.after tweeking the engine to how i wanted it and finished working on all the exterior areas, the car turned out to be a beautiful masterpiece, it looked brand new.- Taux de compression 11,5/1 -Moteur Ford V8 425cv.

a 6000 Tours/min-Couple Max.66,4 a 3700 trm.-Poids 1290 Kg. eix.-4 velocits-Seulment de ce model sont fabriqus 80 exemplairs.

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A 13th Eleanor, based on a real '67 Shelby GT500 was prepared by Cinema Vehicle Services for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, but that car did not appear in the film.

The only true Shelby GT500 in the movie was given to Nicolas Cage's character by Giovanni Ribisi's character at the end of the movie.

you should know that unique performnace have the pride of be part of the shelby club north america....that's mean the car they build is recognized as a shelby.

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