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If Pacino promoted her, Chastain fucked him but I still think she's a lesbian. Salome was terrible but I've liked other things she's done. I have no idea who Vikander is but from the number of films she's gotten recently, I'm about to find out.Harvey is at the top of any list of men who can (and do) turn nobody actresses into movie stars, or at least give them the opportunity.[quote]During the showreel of The Weinstein Company's upcoming slate of films at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, producer Harvey Weinstein told journalists that he was so enamored of Alicia Vikander that he asked her to play a part in Burnt (2015) (her part didn't exist in the script).

But Chastain's sudden surge was a matter of timing, with the films being shot in a span of four years.

Even though I've just seen her in two films (Ex-Machina and The Danish Girl), She's the better actress compared to Chastain.

Vikander acted circles around Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

Add HW misstep with thinking that JR was getting his Oscar for Southpaw and I'd say that HW is losing his touch.

I don't think anyone's career indeed lasts long term with that kind of early over-exposure.

Look who was present during Vikander's interview for the December issue of Du Jour magazine! [quote]“Don’t you want to say hello to the pretty lady? A skeptical look crosses the little boy’s face, and instead of answering he hovers close to his father, waving his hand and flashing a smile at the stranger in front of him.

The adults exchange a few more words and, once pleasantries are sufficiently dispensed, the boy toddles out of the sleepy restaurant into the Tribeca morning, quite possibly the only person in the world not trying to get just a little bit closer to Alicia Vikander.[...]but if there’s any question left as to whether or not Vikander has arrived, it’s unquestionably quashed when we signal the waiter for our check. “Harvey put it on his tab.” [/quote]R2 pretty much summed it up.Audiences like to discover actors and follow their work at a pace over reasonable time, not have he/she shoved down their throats like a commodity in 18 months. I've seen her this year in Ex Machina, Testament of Youth, The Man from UNCLE and The Danish Girl.It's interesting: I don't think she projects anything in still pictures, but in a motion picture, she's electrifying.Btw, Harvey is BFFs with LV's chairman, Bernard Arnault. As someone said, a pretty face but a phenomenal actress she ain't.R45 Vikander's wig upstaged both Redmayne and Vikander in The Danish Girl.Ridiculous film by the way, it's 99% of fanfic and 1% of true story.