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We’ve had limited but cordial contact in the 18 months since our split.Earlier this year his mother, who was in her 50s, died unexpectedly.

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About 25 years later I was rushing through the lobby of an office building lobby in Los Angeles when I literally bumped into Sean Connery.You had affairs with some of your older men, but when it came time to get married you chose a contemporary.He laughs off your obsession, which is probably for the best.I have tried to tell my husband about my “problem,” but he responds with jokes and seems uninterested.Luckily for me, I have not encountered any four-star generals, but what if I did?Dear Prudie, I have been attracted to significantly older men for as long as I can remember.

When other girls were talking about boy-band boys, I was fantasizing about Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, even in the fifth grade.Since then, nearly every male in a leadership role (coaches, teachers, bosses) has been a source of fantasies.I’m not proud to say that I acted out a few of the fantasies in real life.He said, “Excuse me,” softly with that Scottish burr, I looked up and exclaimed, “My God! Like you, there was no David Cassidy or other boy-men for me.I understand your thing, but having it doesn’t mean it has to run your life.So I wrote him a letter expressing how we are not comfortable with his actions, and he responded with one stating that he would be criticizing my parenting from now on, and he could go on forever about what a horrible parent I am.

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