Online dating for doctor

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Online dating for doctor

In 370, he traveled close to home, ending up in a monastery at Aquileia. Valerian, who had attracted some of the greatest minds in Christendom.While in Aquileia, Jerome met Rufinus and the two men became friends.

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Around the age of 12 or so, Jerome traveled to Rome to study grammar, philosophy and rhetoric.

It is likely that due to his training in rhetoric, he may have considered a career in law.

By his own admission, he quickly forgot his morals.

His influence is part of what persuaded Jerome to become a Christian and change his ways for the better.

In or around the year 366, Jerome decided to become a Christian and was baptized by Pope Liberius.

Jerome succeeded in frightening himself, but not in changing his ways.

Fortunately, Jerome had as a companion, Bonosus, who was a Christian influence.

It is unclear what disease was responsible, or if different illnesses had taken his friends.

During his illness, Jerome had visions which made him even more religious.

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Jerome made clear that he did not want to become a priest, preferring instead to be a monk or a hermit.