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Osho dating site - dating a dutch woman

The first and the most important unit of the society has been the family.

Everyone should be allowed to have his own potential fulfilled.Your subscription will be valid until your (a) subscription expires and does not renew (b) your credit card expires and you do not update it or (c) you cancel your subscription before renewal date. If you cancel your subscription before it is expired you will have access until the expiration date.There are no partial refunds given for unused time unless you are within your 30 day refund window AND YOU HAVE NOT used any gift vouchers.And having one father and one mother is psychologically dangerous because if the child is a boy, he starts imitating the father; if the child is a girl, she starts imitating the mother – and great psychological problems arise.Father and mother should recede, and uncles and aunts should take their place.Parents can meet them and spend weekends with them, but basically they will grow independently.

And the commune should take care that there is no question of any religious or political ideology or nationality, race, caste – all these things which divide.

Nobody is trying to go out of their way to help them, so they have to learn how to help themselves. So I am tremendously happy whenever I see the family disappearing, because I know behind it will go the nation.

With it will go the so-called religions, because it is the family which imposes religion, nationality, and all kinds of things on you.

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Once the family is gone, who is going to force Christianity on you, Hinduism on you?

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