Palm pre not updating apps

04-Feb-2018 05:55 by 9 Comments

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All of these gestures are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of them, but first-time smart phone owners will definitely benefit from the built-in video tutorial.

We were quickly tapping out everything from e-mail replies to Web addresses within the first few minutes of using the device.

Verizon Wireless now offers the Android-powered HTC Droid Eris for .99, and the Palm Pixi is available through Sprint for the same price.

A more affordable cousin to the 9 Pre, the Pixi runs the same slick web OS but ditches the slider design in favor of a very slim slab with an exposed keyboard that's better than the Pre's.

As with the Pre, gesturing slowly upwards from this area to the screen brings up the Quick Launch menu, which you can customize with shortcuts.

When you see an alert for a new e-mail or calendar entry, for example, the web OS' elegant notification system lets you tap on it or swipe it away.

Even though the Pre's Cortex A8 processor runs at the clock same speed, the Pre's guts are considerably faster, partially because of its beefier Power VR SGX graphics.

The difference in speed and responsiveness between the Pixi and Pre was pretty stark.

Two speakers flank the 2-megapixel camera lens and flash on the back.

To personalize your Pixi, Palm is offering five back covers designed by various artists.

From there you can easily switch to another program with a flick to the left or right, or discard it by flicking your finger upward on the screen.

To the right of this dash you use a left swipe gesture to back out of menus (say, from an e-mail message to your inbox).

It wasn't so long ago that the i Phone 3G (8GB) was the only good touchscreen smart phone under 0.