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The exhibition is organized in eight sections, both chronological and thematical : from earlier works to mature pieces, it shows the connections between their artworks of all medium, the influence of non-Western arts or of the surrealist movement to the return of post war realism.Curated by Catherine Grenier, Serena Bucalo-Mussely et Virginie Perdrisot Alberto Giacometti.

The show is open from 9 september to 30 november 2014.

The exhibition gathers more than 250 works, mostly from the Foundation’s collection completed by exceptional loans, and to which are added books, drawings and archives documents that help retracing the artist’s evolution, from his arrival in Paris to the last portraits.

The retrospective reposition Giacometti as a painter as much as a sculptor and will also explore some less-known aspect of his work, such as his creations of decorative arts.

The exhibition also reunites some works specially restored for the occasion that have not been seen for 60 years: the Leoni Woman, and the Women of Venice.

Picasso-Giacometti at Fire Station in Doha From 22 February to With a record attendance in Paris, the Picasso-Giacometti exhibition travels to Doha, bringing together for the first time in the Middle-East the two artists.

From the youth period under the influence of his father, the renown post-impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti, to the very last works remaining at Alberto Giacometti's Studio after his death, the exhibition offers a chronological and thematic itinerary covering the two definitive periods of Alberto Giacometti’s life –before and after the Second World War. El hombre que mira Fundación Canal, Madrid From 31 January to Dedicated to Giacometti's obsession for the human figure, this exhibition encompasses some ninety-three works on paper from the Foundation's rich Graphic Cabinet and a selection of sculptures, spanning the period from the 1925s to the mid 1960s. Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro, Italy From 24 October 2014 to 25 January 2015The exhibition presents some seventy works that will reveal to the public the fascination that the statues of ancient times held in the eyes of Alberto Giacometti famous for his walking figures and his motionless and silent women, like idols of the past. Modernist Pioneer Leopold Museum, Vienna From 17 October 2014 to 26 January 2015The Foundation lends one of its major work, Tall Woman I for the exhibition « Alberto Giacometti, Modernist Pionneer » curated by Franz Smola and Philippe Büttner (Collection Curator at Kunsthaus Zürich).

As a thematic exhibition rather that a classic retrospective, it focuses more specifically on Giacometti's researches on the human head and the gaze as the essence of life, offering a renewed approach to the master’s work. Focusing on Giacometti as a modernist pioneer, the exhibition juxtaposes Giacometti artworks with works by masters of International Modernism, including Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly.The curator, Jean de Loisy, brings to the fore our fascination with simple shapes, from prehistoric to contemporary.It also reveals how these shapes were decisive in the emergence of the Modern age. La scultura Gallery Borghese, Rome From February 4 to Anna Coliva, Gallery Borghese director and Dr.A unique thematic section will highlight the major influence of Giacometti’s encounter with the arts of Africa, which marks the beginning of his mature work.Curated by Catherine Grenier et Serena Bucalo-Mussely Giacometti at Yuz Museum From 22 March to 31 July 2016This retrospective - the largest ever made on Giacometti - presents 250 artworks in 12 sections covering the entire career of the artist, in a spectacular scenography designed for the 3000 m2 space of the Yuz Museum.Particular tributes are paid to his friend, photographer Ernst Scheidegger, and to Giacometti’s collaboration with Samuel Beckett for Waiting for Godot, featuring Gerard Byrne's reconstitution of the prop tree Giacometti created then.

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