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Enamel paints are a highly practical and popular choice for numerous projects around the home.

They also allow for the repeated washing of surfaces without causing any damage to the surface.

It is crucial that the surface be prepared and cleaned thoroughly prior to applying the primer and that any old paint be removed.

It is also important that the paint be thoroughly stirred immediately prior to application.

Enamel paints are also available in urethane or polyurethane which are both offered in a water or solvent base.

Enamels are available in a wide spectrum of colors and a number of sheens, including eggshell, low luster, satin, flat finish, gloss, semi gloss and high gloss, among others.

Commercial enamel paints have been used in artwork by many famous artists over the years.

Pablo Picasso is one such artist who is known to have used a commercial paint by the name of “Ripolin” that is not even meant for use in artwork.

Sidney Nolan is another artist who used enamel paints in his work.

One such piece that he created using enamel paint is “The Trial” dating back to 1947.

A glossier paint will be tougher and more durable after it has dried and so enamel paints are perfect for coating surfaces that must endure high traffic, humidity and dirty hands, such as those surfaces found inside and outside homes, in addition to use on heavy duty industrial applications.

Enamel paints are commonly used around the house in areas such as trims, doors, in the bathroom, kitchen, for different types of flooring, stairs, basements, porches and patios, as these rooms and surfaces endure a high degree of abuse and variations in temperature.

Fast dry enamel paint is great for these areas, as it is a popular type of paint that has a drying time of 10 – 15 minutes after application.