Philipines laws dating age

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The application form is available at all DSWD Field Offices and downloadable from DSWD website

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A child whose name is included in the Bureau of Immigration’s watchlist of minors travelling abroad will be prevented from leaving the country.

3.33% of gross monthly earnings, according to 29 income classes.

Voluntarily insured persons pay the combined insured person and employer contributions of 10.4% of gross monthly earnings, according to 29 income classes.

The Muslim minority (and other ethnic cultural communities) are allowed to enter into marriages without an official license, provided they are solemnized in accordance with their customs, rites or practices.

The minimum age of marriage for certain religious and ethnic communities may contribute to situations of early and forced marriages in country.


Likewise, a computer generated photo of minors and emailed documents are acceptable.

In addition, the mail-order bride and human trafficking industries prevalent in the Philippines place women and girls at risk of being subject to forced marriages.

It is uncertain whether women and girls facing forced marriages would be able to access adequate protections in the Philippines.

Individuals from the United States may face certain challenges if trying to avoid and/or escape a marriage in the Philippines.

Human trafficking, rape, and other forms of violence against women and girls remain common in country, despite laws and protections in place to prevent such abuses.

MINORS EXEMPTED FROM SECURING A TRAVEL CLEARANCE The only exemptions to the DSWD travel clearance are minor children who are: A minor who is a Filipino citizen and living abroad but does not hold either a permanent resident visa or equivalent pass issued by another country is required to secure a travel clearance.

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