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Their own fight or flight response kicks in as a defense mechanism to ward off potential danger. Suggest a movie, a board game, or something that gets both of your minds off what is going on. Like a deer hearing something strange in the woods, they’ll just stop and freeze, trying to determine if there is an actual threat. If being around the mood shift is too anxiety provoking for you, go ahead and tell him. We can all have an off day or be in a bad mood for no good reason but it feels strange just hanging out without you, pretending nothing is wrong when clearly we’re not talking as easily as we were yesterday. I hate being nagged when I am annoyed or frustrated.

Pepa (Sandi Denton) rubs her hands over the oiled body of Treach, her real-life rapper boyfriend. What’s more, the gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur has been indicted for “deviate sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion.” Shakur, a friend of Salt-N-Pepa’s, appears in their new video. In the video of “Let’s Talk About Sex,” James and Denton dress up as construction workers—ogling guys and grabbing themselves between the legs. But Salt-N-Pepa have been performing for more than eight years.

The message is aimed at people like themselves, young women of color, who’ve become especially vulnerable to AIDS.

Offstage, the members of Salt-N-Pepa have a different persona.

But they are probably somewhere in their mid- to late twenties—positively ancient for rap stars.

Salt-N-Pepa are the only female rap group to sell more than 1 million copies and go platinum.

Avoid problem solving unless he asks you for your opinion.

Listen to his answers before jumping in with your next response.

Don’t assume that he’s pissed, has met someone else, or has lost interest in you. Don’t act like you’re the problem until he tells you that you are.

He’ll tell you that he’s tired or vaguely blame the shift on work. Don’t immediately jump to conclusions that this has anything whatsoever to do with you. I wanted to give you some time without pressuring you. You might need him to do a better job communicating in the future that he needs some space or just wants to be alone. At the end of the day, he doesn’t have to tell you anything but if he can’t meet your needs around this, you’ve hit a roadbloack and it’s your call as to where you go next and only you can decide that. Sometimes they what’s bothering them or they may be wrestling with depression, fears of intimacy, or worries about the future.

As I explain to my male clients, most women start pouncing, pestering, and pinging because sitting in their disconnected mood is just too hard. I don’t want to annoy you like that.”Then, go and take care of yourself.

In fact, ask him if he wants your help in problem solving. You might have expectations or needs for checking back in.

The group’s recent single, “Shoop,” taken from the new album In many ways, the Salt-N-Pepa story is an archetypal one.

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