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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game maintains an office in the city and a website to help hunters and fishermen obtain the proper permits and learn about the laws specific to the Kodiak area.

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TVP1 (TVP Jeden, Program I Telewizji Polskiej, "Jedynka") is a television channel owned by TVP (Telewizja Polska S. It was the first Polish channel to be broadcast and remains one of the most popular today.

All commercial transportation between the entire island and the outside world goes through this city either via ferryboat or airline. Harvesting of the area's sea otter pelts led to the near extinction of the animal in the following century and led to wars with and enslavement of the natives for over 150 years.

Originally inhabited by Alutiiq natives for over 7,000 years, the city was settled in the 18th century by the subjects of the Russian crown and became the capital of Russian Alaska.

Test broadcast started in January 2011, later in June 2012 official broadcast of TVP1 HD began with the coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012.

) is one of seven communities and the main city on Kodiak Island, Kodiak Island Borough, in the U. After the Alaska Purchase by the United States in 1867, Kodiak became a commercial fishing center which continues to be the mainstay of its economy.

When Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867, Kodiak developed as a center for commercial fishing, and canneries dotted the island in the early 20th century until global farm-raised salmon eliminated these businesses.

New processing centers emerged and the industry continues to evolve. feared attack from Japanese during World War II, and turned the town into a fortress.

TVP1 was launched August 1939/25 October 1952 (tests), January 1953 (regular programming).

In addition to its SD broadcast, a HD version of TVP1 is also available.

During the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, animals such as the mountain goat, Sitka deer (black tail), rabbits, muskrats, beavers, squirrels, and others were introduced to the island and the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge was created. Roads, the airport, Fort Abercrombie, and gun fortifications improved the island's infrastructure.

When Alaska became a state in 1959, government assistance in housing, transportation, and education added additional benefits.

The Russian-American Company was established in 1799 as a joint-stock company by decree of Emperor Paul to continue the harvest of sea otter and other fur-bearing animals and establish permanent settlements.

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    En 1959, toujours sous protectorat britannique, il accède à l'autonomie interne.