Pros and cons on dating

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Pros and cons on dating

It definitely has its perks, but there are some cons too.This Buzzle write-up discusses how amazing it is to be in a relationship with a bodybuilder, and also tells you about the difficulties you might face.

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Although his constant survival tips and wild animal fun facts may drive me up the wall at times, I’m confident that we would last a good six months in the zombie apocalypse.

Since bodybuilding is a demanding profession, your partner will expect you to be supportive of his career.

He will give utmost importance to his health, diet, and workout regime.

What is considered good-looking for a guy, may be considered as too manly for a girl. So, the strong, muscular body of a female bodybuilder may not be appreciated.

It should be noted that not all female bodybuilders look manly.

It sure has got its pros, but it's not as easy as it seems.

Initially, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world to have won the affection of a strong, handsome hunk but as the relationship steadies, it won't be a bed of roses.But it is always an amazing combination, when a good individual is equally good-looking.And your bodybuilder partner works hard for his drool-worthy body, like really hard.It is during competitions and events that they develop muscles.✔ He will inspire you to get fitter.(All the people trying to impress him and his hundreds of fans will be another reason to make you conscious of your body.)✔ Joining him at the gym for at least a couple of days each week, will give you a chance to be fitter and spend some time with him as well.✔ Since he will be pumping in the gym, he will be cheerful and happy!✔ His passion and commitment are a major turn-on.✔ You will also get a lot of me-time, as your partner will frequent the gym. ✘ Handling their mood swings and eating patterns will be a tough job. ✘ One thing these bodybuilders cannot compromise on, is their sleep. ✘ Your better half is always going to be the center of attention wherever you go.

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