Ranbir and katrina dating

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Ranbir and katrina dating - expat dating prague

The movie was universally acclaimed and praised and it took Aamir Khan to a different zone completely in terms of “Popularity” and “Decision Making”.

She proved her acting skills since the start of her career from “Parineeta” and since then, she has been part of critically as well as commercially successful movies.Looking back at her career, one can easily notice that she was never a shy girl on screen as her love making scenes has always been passionate and lively.She has smooched her co-stars in most of the movies and often her scenes are the hottest ones compared to other Bollywood actresses.The movie “Akele Hum Akele Tum” featured a kiss between “Manisha Koirala and Aamir” and “Mamta Kulkarni and Aamir” presented an innovative smooching scene where the character portrayed by Mamta puts an ice-cube from her lips to Aamir’s mouth whose character in the film is injured during the particular sequence.One of the Best movies of Bollywood “Raja Hindustani’ saw Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan break all the boundaries for a passionate long and steamy smooching sequence.This particular “Smooch” between Aamir and Karishma remains one of the “Hottest Smooching Scenes” in Bollywood Cinema.

The movie “Rang De Basanti” saw Aamir locking-lips with the English actress “Alice Patten” and this movie too proved to be a milestone in Bollywood Cinema.

There are so many qualities of this genius that even a book will seem small but apart from all these he has got away from one of his image which most people miss due to his innocent and charming nature.

Whenever, there are talks of kissing and smooching scenes in Bollywood, one name that often comes in people’s mind is the actor “Emraan Hashmi”.

“Alice Patten” received high praises and accolades for her character in the movie and she delivered a strong performance.

The movie with the highest earnings in Bollywood “3 Idiots” had Aamir smooching Kareena Kapoor; and “Fungshuk Wangdu” did prove that “naak beech mein nahi aati”!

This kissing sequence did create controversies and some of the fans could not accept such a bold scene.