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Due to this, they don't want to accidentally cause BSODs by setting the registry key while the other AV wasn't updated for the Meltdown and Spectre patches. Beaumont has been keeping track of antivirus products that create the registry key, AV products that ask users to create the registry key manually, and antivirus software that has not yet received updates and is currently incompatible with the Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches.It's Bleeping Computer's belief that a large part of the Windows userbase is probably not affected by this "registry key requirement." But if in the following months users should notice that their Windows computer is not receiving any security updates, the first place they need to look at is their antivirus.

For other contact methods, please visit Catalin's author page. No January security update == no future updates in Win10. However, if you have compatible AV and still haven't been offered the update, you can get it from the MS Catalog (search for January 2018 security update and your flavor of supported Windows).

The update package covers much more than the Meltdown patch.

In fact, when I read the KB about it, I didn't find any mention of a Meltdown or Sceptre patch. even some AVs that are in the list as being compatible and setting the key don't set it, actually (my experience with Avast)." My Avast set the key just fine. It's not entirely true that the registry key will be required forever - It will only be required until Microsoft have confidence that legacy compatibility issues with AV are no longer causing crashes.

Download and install it (admin login or pw required).

Once installed (and restarted), the registry key is present, so presumably installing the update does it.

But it's there: running the Powershell script afterward shows that the patch is loaded, at least as far as one can go without a firmware update. No January security update == no future updates in Win10. Once that milestone is reached, the key will no longer be required.

From: Q3: How long will Microsoft require setting a registry key to receive the January 3, 2018, security updates?Security researcher Kevin Beaumont explained why this happens in a Medium blog post earlier today.There is a problem where some anti-virus vendors are using techniques to bypass Kernel Patch Protection by injecting a hypervisor which they use to intercept syscalls and make assumptions about memory locations — memory locations which are now changing with the Meltdown fixes.The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities highlighted a fundamental flaw in the design of modern processors.The fixes that Microsoft deployed last week are producing a similar impact on how antivirus software now interacts with the Windows OS.Users shouldn't hurry to drop their current antivirus just yet.