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After all this is a country in which female rape victims are likely to be jailed for being with the man in the first place!

To be honest it is unlikely that sending a few naughty pictures is going to make you someone of interest to the authorities, after all they would not have the time or the man power to check everyone who sent a naughty text or a picture of their bits!I mean, of course home is home and everything, but you seem to be educated, with good english and very dangerous opinions to have in that part of world...So if there were a possibility to just leave, would you take it, even that means problems with family, visiting your country, etc?Living in Saudi Arabia can be quite boring at times, especially if you are single or separate from family and friends.The temptation to chat with the opposite sex via your phone or your computer can be very tempting, after all in most countries it is fairly common place.Including a young woman from Madinah who introduced herself to me in very broken English when she realized I was not Saudi and then spent 10 minutes or more grunting and groaning!

She phoned me every few days for a couple of months, just to make strange noises on the phone while she obviously found pleasure with herself in some manner.Don’t you just love the way some people use religion as a way to abuse others that are poorer than themselves!The Saudi Authorities have access to your phone messages and what you send, after all they blocked blackberry a few years back because they would not allow access to their servers.Yes, I plan on leaving as soon as I'm done with my college education. Everything has a price, and securing myself a safe life in a country that protects me as a human by law has a price too. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to get some independent info in you country about basicaly everything, also have you experienced any problems yet, because of your opinions? I love reading, and my parents have always encouraged that about me.My family would probably not be ok with it the first few month or even years, but they love me and they'll learn to live with it. You read books, you get curious, you google stuff, you eventually form an opinion.So if you are an expat and thinking of following this terrible example, even as a joke – Don’t!

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    Municipalities and private sources fund kindergartens, but national, prefectural, and local governments pay almost equal shares of educational costs for students in grades one through nine.