Row cannot be located for updating vb6 access

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Row cannot be located for updating vb6 access

I'll try putting them on and see what happens....thanks for your help.Hi, I am getting "Row cannot be located for updating.

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I added primary keys to the table and it worked perfectly.

Check each status value." ) when the value that I'm trying to input has more characters than the field will allow.

I'm not sure if that's the only time this error occurs, but that is at least one cause of it.

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Hi all, I use MS VB6 and ADO to access my My rs as new adodb.recordsetrs.activeconnection = Connection Objectrs.curserlocation = aduseclientrs.cursertype = adopenkeysetrs.source = "select * from TABLE where ID = " & idrs.openrs!

I used the retrieve fileds command to fetch the fields from the database. As far as I can tell, everything is setup properly.

Like I said before, I tried a similar program and it worked just fine, including putting in the autonumbers.I'm getting the other error sometimes too ("Row cannot be located for updateing.Some values may have been changed since it was last read.") but I haven't narrowed down the cause of it.Record Source = "SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE Description LIKE """ & txtterm. There is also 1 adodc "adodc1" that has all it original default values except for connectionstring visible and datasource the connection string is set to a dns file i setup to work with the mysql database using the myodb driver, visible is false, and the datasource is set to "SELECT * FROM Parts".The datagrid has all of it's original values except datasource.Are you joining tables that maybe don't have keys??

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