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He begged his fans to be patient as he would not be able to fulfill his commitment to his tour.Prayers, love and patience were given in multitude by his fans and followers. Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell on Cancer Battle: ‘I Had to Go to Death’s Door’ Ryan’s circle of friends from the show and his business partners continued to support him, as they all had events and projects they were working on together.

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People began demanding their money back for cancelled events and merchandise not delivered.

This last year, Ryan scheduled another tour after a miraculous recovery with Chip Coffey and Michelle Belanger with ticket sales alleged to be in excess of ,000.00 but with no venues or hotels even booked.

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Michelle Belanger, Author and “Occult Expert”, Chad Calek (American Ghost Hunter), Chip Coffey, Psychic Medium and of course, Sergey Poberezhny the ever faithful from PRS and Paranormal State.

New players also entered the picture…Chris Edwards, who In a statement by Michelle Bellanger said, “after Chip Coffey bowed out”, Michelle was asked to fill in at which point Chris Edwards handled all bookings and rescheduling for the “Conversations of the Dead” tour.

(It’s hard to imagine that every one in this circle might have even known this, but said nothing because maybe they had a vested interest as well? Over the past several months, the pleas from Camp Ryan have been more desperate than ever, asking fans to send money for merchandise, raffles and phone calls with Ryan. Suspicions were aroused as Sergey and Ryan were evicted from the apartment because they were unable to pay rent. Ryan’s mother released a public statement, pleading for help.

She asked that fans stop “enabling him” by sending money. The new players, Ben Lorigan and Chris Edwards tried very hard to keep her pleas for help silent, it is rumored by deleting her comments and blocking her from all of his social media platforms.

His memoir, “Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown” was released in 2010.

Buell was also Executive Producer for a feature film, “American Ghost Hunter”, with his former partner, Chad Calek with a 41 city tour for the film to follow.

, Cancer, Chad Calec, Chip Coffey, Chris Edwards, Conversations with the dead tour, Dianne Wilson, gossip, Iam six case, Michelle Belanger, Paranormal, PRS, Ryan Buel paranormal state, Ryan Buell Arrested, sergey, Twitch, Wordpress 10/8/2016 Ryan Buell: Where Are They Now? At the height of controversy and public outcry surrounding his “Conversations of the Dead” tour, Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested on September 18, 2016 for Theft of leased property, receiving stolen property and theft of services, (2 Felony and 1 misdemeanor charge).

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