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Safe dating facts - is alicia keys and common dating

Physicians often include zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplements in a herpes diet.Another well-known supplement used in treating herpes is commonly called , or turmeric extract.

Astragalus is usually prescribed in Chinese Medicine for those who have oral herpes.

If you feel that your diet doesn’t contain enough lysine, you can take the recommended lysine supplements.

Research has shown that a daily intake of at least 1250 mg of lysine supplements can control herpes outbreaks.

Citrulline is a nutrient available in high amounts in watermelon flesh and rind.

This means that eating watermelon may increase the levels of arginine in your blood serum.

Lysine-rich foods also strengthen your immune system to combat and prevent viruses that wreak havoc on your health.

Here are some lysine-rich foods: Stress is a common trigger for herpes outbreaks.Acidic foods are also known to weaken your immune system, making you susceptible to conditions and infections like herpes.Some of the arginine-rich or acidic foods to avoid with herpes include the following: Arginine promotes the growth and replication of herpes virus, while lysine hinders it.It’s recommended that you avoid all foods that cause acidity to prevent herpes.This includes: High acid levels weaken your immune system, making you susceptible to viral infections.Lysine supplement is safe and it’s considered the best cure for herpes sufferers.