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Biology and chemistry are a tough academic challenge for any student, but balancing classes and baseball can be grueling. There were a lot of days we couldn't wait to get on the field because we knew we were going to win. "One of the things I remember is something I used with my kids.Hartman, a team MVP, excelled both in the classroom and on the field as an outfielder and a lead-off hitter. We had some fantastic teams." "It will probably sound weird since I was a baseball player but it was Don Meyer. He told us you couldn't make athletics too important. "I can still remember some of Oliver Yates' lectures to this day. "What came through with all of them was they really cared about you.

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Enoch Hartman III, known as "Trey" when he played baseball for Lipscomb University, followed in his father's footsteps and became a pharmacist.

Some of the best players who had come out of Nashville were already playing at Lipscomb. You could get an ice cream cone whether you won or lost. I used it with my kids not only for athletics but for other things as well." "I majored in both biology and chemistry. I went to pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee.

"I wanted to be on the same team with those players. "With coach Dugan, at that point in time, we didn't lose a lot. "The first drug store I owned was Hutcherson Pharmacy which was located across the street from Lipscomb. "I bought Deal Drug Pharmacy after that." My wife and I have three daughters aged 26, 23 and 20.

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Kobo Gallery, Savannah’s premier artist cooperative space, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by bringing the past and present together for an epic show featuring over thirty of Savannah’s best artists with the exhibition, KOBO: A 10 Year Retrospective.

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