Seattle pi dating blog

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Seattle pi dating blog

After first focusing on civic programming, the Seattle Channel has become known for its arts programming.

The station is funded partly by cable television franchise fees and partly by a million grant from Comcast, which will be paid over 10 years to support arts programming.

KCTS-TV is Seattle's PBS member station and operates three feeds: a primary, high-definition, general interest station; KCTS 9 PBS Kids (digital subchannel 9.2), which features children's programs; and KCTS 9 Create (digital subchannel 9.3), which features DIY, cooking, arts and crafts, and travel programs.

In 2009 KCTS aired 160 episodes in a regularly occurring series on local public affairs, personal finance, economic issues, and business affairs.

KING-TV, owned by the Gannett Company, has been nominated for 56 Regional Emmy Awards.

The station allows viewers to submit their own photo and video content via its website and also highlights the work of average citizens in the community on-air in the recurring feature, "Home Team Heroes." The former parent company of KOMO, Fisher Communications (which sold its media properties to the Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2013), launched a network of hyperlocal websites in 2009, which include blogs about issues related to community service, news of interest to families, crime news, and news about events occurring around the neighborhood.

Media in Seattle includes long-established newspapers, television and radio stations, and an evolving panoply of smaller, local art, culture, neighborhood and political publications, filmmaking and, most recently, Internet media.

As of the fall of 2009, Seattle has the 20th market in the United States.

While KCTS is a popular source for viewing nationally produced PBS shows, it features less programming on local public affairs than the region's other two public TV stations.

The third public station, SCAN, is Seattle's public access cable television network.

The Seattle Times has been recognized for its editorial excellence: The newspaper has been the recipient of nine Pulitzer Prizes. The most prominent weeklies are the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. The Stranger, founded in 1992, is locally owned and has a younger and hipper readership.

In recent years, the Times has begun to partner with other types of media outlets, including collaborations with several local bloggers that are funded by American university's J-Lab: the Institute for Interactive Journalism and the John S. The Seattle Weekly, founded in 1976, has a longstanding reputation for in-depth coverage of the arts and local politics.

Two locally owned magazines for parents, Parent Map Newsmagazine and Seattle's Child, are published monthly.

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